Velitchka Hristova

Key Expertise

Velitchka Hristova

Key Expertise

  • Governance
  • Continuity and succession planning
  • Wealth solutions
  • Multi-generational approach to family philanthropy and enterprise


Analyze existing decision making processes and act as a facilitator to guide the process of family participation, accountability and transparency. Carefully design and implement decision making procedures to keep the family cohesive. Prepare agreements about how the family owners set priorities, define goals and values and make decisions about shared assets.
Work with families to define responsible ownership and the associated skills, attitudes and behaviors. Build awareness and mentor family members of all ages.

Continuity and succession planning

Help wealth creators anticipate and manage transition. Understand how wealth is transferred and the implications for using specific planning practices. Explore the long-term implications of each strategy on family relations, administrative requirements and other practical outcomes. Reinforce family harmony. Construct a valuable legacy meeting the core needs of each generation. Assist with development of oral, written or video histories.

Wealth solutions

With experience to operate across multiple disciplines, understand personal and family dynamics, wealth management priorities, goals and strategies. Translate values into financial goals with patience and long-term perspective. Ensure advice is consistent with the overall wealth management strategy and goals and with the dynamic and priorities of the family.


Prepare the process to tackle complex systemic issues through investment in change. Explore ways to become more strategic and effective. Analyze various vehicles for pursing philanthropic giving.